InsuraHome’s Unoccupied Home Insurance FAQs

Where you see words in bold, this is a defined word or section of cover within our Unoccupied Policy Wording and holds a specific meaning. You should check your Policy Wording for the specific definition or ask a member of our Specialist Home Insurance Team for further details if required.

What does Unoccupied Home Insurance cover?

Unoccupied Home Insurance is divided into two main areas of cover: buildings insurance and contents insurance. When you purchase a policy, you have the choice of buying just buildings insurance, just contents insurance or buying a combination of both.

What is the difference between standard home insurance and Unoccupied Home Insurance?

Unoccupied Home Insurance is similar to standard home insurance, but also includes unoccupied-specific benefits, such as flexible periods of cover and the non-requirement for the property to be your main occupational residence.

It is common to find that many mainstream home insurance providers will not be able to offer regular home insurance for a vacant home, as this type of property is perceived to present a greater risk to insurers.

Does it matter how long my home has been unoccupied for?

No. We have, and will continue to, offer cover for individuals with residential homes that have been unoccupied for many years.

Do I legally need home insurance for my vacant home?

Unlike car insurance, you are not required by law to have home insurance. However, depending on your financial circumstances, you may be required to have home insurance as part of a legal contract requirement.

For example, many mortgage lenders will require you to have buildings insurance to protect your unoccupied home against unforeseen circumstances.

If you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for, you may find it on our main Help & FAQ’s page.

As with any insurance products we recommend that if you have any questions and/or problems to read your Schedule of Benefits, Policy Wording and contact our Specialist Team if you are not sure of any details within your cover.

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