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Where you see words in bold, this is a defined word or section of cover within our Landlord Insurance Policy Wording and holds a specific meaning. You should check your Policy Wording for the specific definition or ask a member of our Specialist Home Insurance Team for further details if required.

Who is Landlord Insurance for?

Landlord Insurance is designed for landlords that wish to protect the building and/or contents for homes that are being occupied by tenants.

What does Landlord Insurance cover?

Home Insurance is divided into two main areas of cover: buildings insurance and Landlords Contents insurance. When you purchase a policy, you have the choice of buying just buildings insurance, just Landlords Contents insurance, or buying a combination of both.

What is the difference between standard Home Insurance and Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is similar to home insurance, but also includes landlord-specific covers such as:

  • Theft or Attempted Theft by Tenants
  • Ground Rent which you must pay whilst the home cannot be lived in following loss or damage
  • Accidental Damage to the landlord’s contents
  • Rent Guarantee
  • Eviction proceedings against a tenant or guarantor to recover possession of the home where the tenant breaks their tenancy agreement

What kind of things are included under Landlords Contents cover?

Landlords Contents can cover an array of important items such as furniture, carpets, curtains, blinds, televisions and other audio visual equipment, pictures and paintings and additional contents kept within garages and outbuildings.

Landlords Contents does not cover property belonging to tenants, living creatures, money and credit cards, pedal cycles, guns, computers and laptops or clothes. Tenants should consider their own Contents Insurance for personal items, as Landlords Contents cover is not intended to cover any of the tenants personal belongings.

For a full list of items included and excluded, please refer to the Policy Wording.

What is Rent Guarantee?

Rent Guarantee provides cover for rent owed by a tenant up to a maximum amount payable, and where appropriate, are pursuing a claim against the tenant to evict them from the home.

Terms, Conditions and Exclusions apply – please refer to the Policy Wording for further information.

As a landlord, do I legally need Landlord Insurance?

Unlike car insurance, you are not required by law to have Landlord Insurance. However, depending on your financial circumstances, you may be required to have Landlord Insurance as part of a legal contract requirement. For example, many mortgage lenders will require you to have buildings insurance to protect your home against unforeseen circumstances.

Will I require personal information from my tenants?

As standard, all that we ask is for details of your tenancy agreement and the occupation of each of your tenants.

I am a tenant, do I need Buildings Insurance?

Your landlord will be responsible for looking after the building you live in, so they should have their own buildings insurance cover in place. They may also have contents insurance in place if your rented accommodation came with furnishings.

Although it is not a legal requirement, if you are renting or living in a house share, it is wise to consider taking out your own contents insurance policy to protect your personal belongings, in the event your things get lost, damaged or stolen.

If you are a tenant looking for appropriate contents insurance, our Landlord Insurance product is not designed for you as it will be unlikely to meet your requirements.

Is the homes boiler covered for breakdown and repair by Landlord Insurance?

Probably not – our policies do not cover boiler breakdowns as standard.

However, we may be able to provide Emergency Home Cover which does cover boiler breakdowns, depending on your property and occupation type – just ask us!

If you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for, you may find it on our main Help & FAQ’s page.

As with any insurance products, we recommend that if you have any questions and/or problems to read your Schedule of Benefits, Policy Wording and contact our Specialist Team if you are not sure of any details within your cover.

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