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As your probably know, most standard home insurance policies will not provide cover for your property if it is unoccupied for 30 consecutive days or more. This makes it hard for people who, for example, have perhaps inherited a new unoccupied house or have moved but have not yet sold their previous home.

InsuraHome Unoccupied Property Insurance policies can be adjusted to meet your needs, with ability to provide cover for both buildings and contents, with legal expenses cover available as an optional extra. With a tailor-made case-by-case approach, InsuraHome can provide your unoccupied home with the protection it requires.

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InsuraHome Unoccupied Home Insurance is Available for:

  • Cover for Buildings & Contents.
  • Unoccupied residential properties that are intended to be kept and occupied, to be let or to be sold and more.
  • Properties that have already been unoccupied for a number of years.
  • Policy applicable to properties situated in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands.

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Unoccupied Home Insurance – FAQs

Can you get insurance for an Unoccupied home?

The simple answer is yes you can get insurance for an unoccupied home. Unoccupied home insurance covers you when your house or other residential property is unoccupied for longer than your standard home insurance policy will allow. InsuraHome Unoccupied home Insurance can provide cover for unoccupied properties for periods of 90, 180, 270 days or annual cover.

What counts is classed as an Unoccupied home?

You may be wondering – how long can I leave my house unoccupied so that It’s still covered? In terms of standard normal home insurance, an unoccupied home is usually one that has been left uninhabited for more than 30 days. This is because most standard home insurance policies will not cover your property if it is left unoccupied for longer than 30-60 days because of the increased risk of theft, vandalism, a burst pipe being undiscovered and more. Therefore, there are specialised non-standard unoccupied home insurance policies available on the market designed to cover these risks and circumstances.

How much does Unoccupied home Insurance cost?

The cost of an unoccupied home insurance policy will vary depending on many factors such as the value of the property, condition of the property as well as the location and security of the property as if the property is in an area with a high crime rate, then the price of cover is likely to increase. In general, unoccupied home insurance will cost more than a standard home insurance policy in terms cost per day of cover due to the additional risks associated with an unoccupied home.

How do I prepare my Unoccupied home for winter?

Many homeowners and landlords forget about the obligations they have for looking after their properties during the cold, wet and windy winter period. Many things could potentially go wrong with your property such as burst frozen pipes, flooding, loss of heating, leaky roof, and other unexpected surprises. Click here to check out InsuraHome’s 5 easy ways to prepare your property for winter hazards.

What is Covered?
  • Currently vacant homes
  • Inherited properties
  • Non-standard properties

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About Our Unoccupied House Insurance Policy

Unoccupied House Insurance is backed by a team of underwriters who are highly experienced. Therefore, our customers can be assured that all our InsuraHome Unoccupied House Insurance policies provide tailor-made protection, as required.

How do I get an InsuraHome Unoccupied House Insurance Insurance Quote?

At InsuraHome we like to provide you with first class customer service to ensure you are getting the protection you require.

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Or speak to an InsuraHome Unoccupied Property Home Insurance specialist by calling +44 (0) 1483 806 815

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