Protect Your Home with Our Tailored Home Insurance Policy

Our Tailored Home Insurance policy is carefully designed to meet your needs. We understand that your requirements may not be met by a regular home insurance policy, either due to the construction type of your property, challenging personal circumstances, the value of your home or the unique contents inside of it.

Fortunately, we can adjust policies and create them on a case-by-case basis, providing all the protection that your home needs.

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Available For:

  • ‘Non-Standard’ construction*
  • ‘Non-Standard’ occupations
  • Convictions
  • Subsidence history / underpinned properties
  • Bankruptcy
  • Declined, refused or cancelled insurance
  • Adverse claims history
  • Flood risk
  • Unoccupied homes
  • Policy applicable to properties situated in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands

Please Note: We do not provide cover for thatched roofs at this time.

Key Benefits:

  • Cover for Buildings & Contents
  • Cover available for ‘Clean’ and/or ‘Non-Standard’ risks and circumstances
  • ‘Non-Standard’ Construction considered*.
  • Risks up to £10,000,000 total sum insured.

Cover for A Number of Perils is included, such as:

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  • Aircraft and other flying devices or items dropped from them
  • Storm, flood or weight of snow
  • Collision by any vehicle or animal
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Falling trees, telegraph poles or lamp-posts
  • Escape of water from frost or frost damage to fixed water tanks, apparatus and pipes
  • And more!

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Main Features of our Tailored Home Insurance

The following limits are provided automatically unless a higher limit is requested. To view the full list of cover available, please refer to the Policy Wording.


CoverLimit (£)
Accidental DamageOptional
Garden, Plants and ShrubsUp to £2,500 (£1,000 per tree, plant or shrub)
Replacement LocksUp to £5,000
Trace and AccessUp to £5,000
Loss of Rent & Alternative Accommodation25% of buildings / 24 months


CoverLimit (£)
Accidental Damage/LossOptional
Contents of Outbuildings & GaragesUp to £5,000
Contents in the OpenUp to £1,000
Home Business ContentsUp to £5,000
Credit Cards£500
Pedal Cycles£500
Loss of Metered WaterUp to £5,000
Loss of OilUp to £5,000
Temporary IncreasesUp to £5,000 (£1,000 per item)
Electronic Data£2,500


CoverLimit (£)
Accidental Damage/LossOptional
ValuablesOptional - Single Article limit of £2,500 unless otherwise stated on the schedule.


CoverLimit (£)
Accidents to Domestic Staff£10,000,000
Legal Liability to the Public£5,000,000

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For an additional premium, the following optional extensions can also be added to the policy:

  • Accidental damage to buildings and contents.
  • Valuables and personal possessions against physical or damage (all risks) within agreed geographical limits. All items of value over £2,500 must be specified.
  • Pedal cycles can be covered anywhere in the United Kingdom, and up to 60 days worldwide, for theft and accidental damage (over the £500 standard limit).

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About Our Tailored Home Insurance Policy

Our Policy has been underwritten by Plum Underwriting Ltd, due to their flexibility and non-standard underwriting experience. Tailored Home Insurance is backed by a team of underwriters who are highly experienced and deal with each risk on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, our customers can be assured that all our InsuraHome Home Insurance policies provide tailor-made protection, as required.

*All applications are taken on a case-by-case basis. Most Non-Standard Construction types are considered, however we do not provide cover for properties with thatched roofs under this policy.

How do I get an InsuraHome Tailored Home Insurance Quote?

At InsuraHome we like to provide you with first class customer service to ensure you are getting the protection you require.

To get an InsuraHome Tailored Home Insurance quote click the ‘Request a Quote’ Button and complete the online form. Alternatively download and complete an application form located on the ‘Policy Documents’ page and email it to

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Or speak to an InsuraHome Specialist by calling +44 (0) 1483 806 900

What is Covered?

  • Declared bankrupt
  • With poor credit history
  • Declined elsewhere
  • Policy cancelled elsewhere

How to get a Quote

To get a Quote, simply do one of the following:

  • Click any of the ‘Request a Quote’ Buttons and complete the online form.
  • Call our Specialists on 01483 806 815.
  • Download our Application Form located on the ‘Policy Documents’ page, print it out and fill in your details using BLOCK CAPITALS. This form can then either be posted to us, or scanned and emailed to
  • Download our Application Form and save it to your desktop. Re-open it, fill it in digitally and click ‘Send me to the InsuraHome Specialists’ on the final page, once you have completed all questions.
  • If you would like to request a call, send an email to with your name and contact number.

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