27th May 2022

What is subsidence & what does it mean for my home?

Subsidence can be every homeowner's worst nightmare. When you think of one of the worst things that can happen to...
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29th March 2022

How landlords can prepare their properties for spring

How Landlords can prepare their property for Spring Spring provides the perfect opportunity to get your property back in order...
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8th February 2022

How to save energy at home

Energy prices rise year on year and this year is set to be no different. In fact, due to the...
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24th December 2021 / insurahome-news

3 seasonal suggestions to protect your home this Christmas

3 seasonal suggestions to protect your home this Christmas   Christmas is the time of year when families travel and...
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11th November 2021 / insurahome-news

How can I help protect my second home from burglary and vandalism?

When owning a second property that is either let for the purpose of holidaymakers, for a number of days throughout...
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3rd September 2021

Can InsuraHome offer Overseas Property Insurance? – InsuraHome Home Insurance

Understandably, since the UK left the European Union, there has some concern amongst second homeowners from the UK as to...
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10th August 2021 / insurahome-news

What is Second Home Insurance? – InsuraHome Home Insurance

If you own a second home, it is very important that you have the correct type of home insurance cover...
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4th June 2021 / insurahome-news

What You Need to Know When Letting out Your Holiday Home

What do you need to know if you are letting out your UK holiday home this summer? If you are...
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5th May 2020 / insurahome-news

I have a Poor Credit History. Can I still get Home Insurance?

Unfortunately, some people may experience difficulties in finding a Home Insurance product to meet their needs should they have a...
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31st March 2020

8 things to consider when buying your Home Insurance

Use of your property One of the most important things to consider when looking for home insurance is what the...
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3rd March 2020

Why choose InsuraHome Home Insurance?

InsuraHome Home Insurance offers a number of unique and specialist Home Insurance products. If you have found it difficult to...
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3rd January 2020

10 things you need to know about Home Insurance – InsuraHome

Under-insuring One thing that cannot be stressed enough, is to not underestimate the value of the contents in your home,...
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8th October 2019

Prepare and Protect your property from Flooding

The Met Office state that an estimated 5.2 million homes in England are at risk of flooding. However, there are...
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28th August 2019

Preparing your property for autumn

With Autumn coming upon us, the rain becomes more prominent, the warm sunshine slowly begins to disappear and the evenings...
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6th August 2019 / insurahome-news

10 ways to take the stress out of moving house

Getting stressed over organising your house move? InsuraHome Home Insurance have 10 popular tips on how to combat the stress...
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4th June 2019 / insurahome-news

Why you need Home Insurance for your unoccupied property

InsuraHome Home Insurance explains in 5 quick and easy steps why you need home insurance for your unoccupied property. Perils...
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16th April 2019

4 tips for first-time landlords about landlord insurance.

Whether you’re a first-time landlord or just need a refresher of your rights and responsibilities when letting out your property,...
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23rd January 2019 / insurahome-news

A cracking summer: subsidence claims on the rise

The UK could see a surge in subsidence claims due to the long, dry and very hot summer in 2018....
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13th December 2018

5 Tips to Prepare Your Property for Winter

As we start to head deeper in to the winter season, many homeowners and landlords forget about the obligations they...
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