Landlord Building Insurance

As a Landlord you’ll probably know that normal household insurance just isn’t suitable for the risks associated with renting out your property to tenants. InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance is a specialist Home Insurance product to help ensure that your property and investment is protected from expensive perils such as damage to the building.

What is Landlord Building Insurance?

Landlord Building Insurance is a non-standard home insurance product designed to protect the physical structure and fixtures and fittings of your property against potentially expensive damage such as escape of water, accidental damage, fire, flooding, burst pipes and much more. InsuraHome Building Insurance for Landlords even provides cover for subsidence – an often-costly claim!

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Landlord Building Insurance is Available for:

Damage to the building caused by:

  • Landlords and Buy-to-Let Properties
  • Clean and Non-standard Risks
  • Property Portfolios up to £15 million Total Sum insured
  • Landlords with Adverse Claims History
  • All Tenancy types and agreement lengths considered

Landlord Building Insurance Includes Cover for a Number of Perils:

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  • Storm, Flood or Weight of Snow
  • Escape of Water or Frost Damage to Fixed Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes
  • Theft or Attempted Theft
  • Subsidence or Heave of the Site on which the Buildings Stand or Landslip

Key Benefits of InsuraHome’s Landlord Building Insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance with Accidental Damage Option – Minimum Sum Insured £75,000


Covers the costs associated with repairing or rebuilding your property if it’s damaged or destroyed. Buildings includes the home itself, any fixtures and fittings, swimming pools and much more.


  • Accidents to Domestic Employees (such as Cleaners) up to £10,000,000


If you employ someone to work at the property such as a cleaner or a gardener, this section of cover protects you against claims for bodily injury from an event at your property.


  • Legal Liability to the Public up to £5,000,000


Liability cover is designed to project you in the event you are found liable for bodily injury or damage to property caused by an accident happening at the premises.


  • Landlords Legal Expenses
  • Rent Guarantee Option


Click here to see the full InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance Policy Wording for the full summary of buildings and contents covers as well as optional covers.

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What is Covered?
  • Landlords
  • Buy-to Let properties
  • All tenancy types
  • Non-standard properties

How to get a Quote

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Main Features of InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance Cover

Landlord Building Insurance Summary of Cover

CoverLimit (£)
Minimum Building Sum Insured£75,000 (No Upper Limit)
Loss of Rent & Alternative Accommodation25% of Buildings Sum insured and up to 24 months
Alternative Accommodation due to SquattersUp to £5,000
Replacement LocksUp to £5,000
Unauthorised Use of Electricity, Gas or WaterUp to £5,000
Theft / Attempted Theft by TenantsUp to £10,000

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Landlord Building Insurance Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Landlord Building Insurance compulsory?

Landlord Building Insurance is not legally required and is therefore not compulsory although many mortgage providers require insurances as mandatory and some lettings agencies strongly encourage Landlord Building Insurance to the point where they will refuse to manage your property without it! However, even with the perfect tenant things can still go wrong which could potentially leave you significantly out of pocket if you are not adequately insured. That’s why Landlord Building Insurance is there to protect you financially against unexpected events that could otherwise cost a lot of money. Always refer to the policy wording for full summary of covers.

What does Landlord Building Insurance cover?

Landlord Building Insurance covers the physical structure of your building, and its fixtures and fittings, including gates, fences, patios, terraces, drives, pipes and much more. It protects these things against accidental damage as well as potentially more expensive perils such as fire, flood, burst pipes, escaped water, subsidence and countless other potential disasters.

What does Landlord Building Insurance cost?

The cost of a Landlord Building Insurance will vary from policy to policy depending on the size of your property, whether you rent to students or professionals and more. When choosing a Landlord Building Insurance policy make sure that it meets your requirements to ensure that you are protected.

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About InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance Policy

Our Landlord Building Insurance Policy is underwritten by Plum Underwriting Ltd, due to their flexibility and non-standard underwriting experience. InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance is backed by a team of underwriters who are highly experienced and deal with each risk on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, our customers can be assured that all our InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance policies provide tailor-made protection, as required.

How do I get an InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance Quote?

At InsuraHome we like to provide you with first class customer service to ensure you are getting the protection you require.

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Or speak to An InsuraHome Landlord Building Insurance Specialist by calling +44 (0) 1483 806 815

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